How to Enroll Into Top Ten Universities

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Many students both in the United States and around the world desire to join the top universities in the United States due to their good reputation. However, this is rarely materialized due to the lack of information on the application process and requirements for the admission into these much coveted universities. Nonetheless, the application process is usually simple, with many of these universities striking some common ground in the application process.

First and foremost, one has to answer a set of questions that are specific to their university of choice. Secondly, there is usually an application fee paid to the university which differs from one university to another. The applicant also has to provide his or her high school report, as well as their high school transcripts. He or she has to also provide a recommendation from at least two teachers from their respective high schools.

In addition to these requirements there are some preliminary courses that have to be undertaken by the applicant. For example, international students are required to undertake a mandatory English writing and oral examination. They are also required to sit for a standardized test which includes either the SAT or the ACT, and is inclusive of a writing test depending on the preference of the university. Local students from the US are also required to sit for a standardized test with test requirements similar to those of international students.

Apart from the major academic requirements, most of the universities also pay great attention to the applicant’s personal abilities, interests and strengths. Most of the top ten universities preferably admit an applicant who is all rounded, with keen interest taken on those who have excelled at or shown great potential in sporting activities or their desired area of study. This is usually evaluated by the applicant writing a minimum of two essays about their interests, hobbies and the extracurricular activities they enjoy.

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